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Expert HOLE Penetration

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  • F000767
    • dense, horizontal folds bring you to climax
    • medium material thickness for intensive stimulation
    • love tunnel gets narrower towards the back
    • 2-hole masturbator for pleasant sensations
    • including lubricant and bag
    • high quality from Japan
  • You have to feel it! A masturbator that tortures you with dense, horizontal folds.... more


    You have to feel it! A masturbator that tortures you with dense, horizontal folds. From G-Project 

    It's not about being relaxing or real. What you are looking for are quick orgasms. With this Expert HOLE we introduce you to exactly such a masturbator. Due to the special arrangement of the folds inside, it is specialized in creating the intense feeling when the cock is pulled out. Especially because of its open structure and the second hole at the end of the love tunnel.

    Thick folds are arranged in a precise 3D design. The deeper you penetrate, the tighter it becomes and the more intense the stimulation becomes. You can also change it with slow or fast movements, so that you can decide for yourself at what speed you want to reach climax.

    The material is neither too hard nor too soft, so the Expert HOLE allows you to cum comfortably. Through the second hole at the end, you even have the opportunity to watch yourself ejaculate. If you want to experience an even tighter feeling, simply apply a little pressure with your hand holding the onahole. You can also determine the intensity yourself.

    The illustrator of the beautifully designed pack is Noe Kubayashi, who has already designed several illustrations for G-Project. She was even responsible for the character design of the Sega game “Phantasy Star Online 2es”. If you would like to find out more about Noe Kubayashi and her work, please feel free to get further information using the links below.

    Website: https://nooooooooooe.tumblr.com/

    Pixiv: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/4273037

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/kurebayashi_noe


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