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Rends A10 Piston BASIC

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  • F000674
    • cheaper alternative to the VORZE A10 Piston SA
    • is based on the same high-quality technology from VORZE
    • expandable with a variety of sleeves
    • Compatible with the STAND BASIC for one-handed feeling
    • Use only with water-based lubricant
    • Designed by Rends JAPAN
  • Experience the technology from VORZE and the design from Rends at an affordable price... more


    Experience the technology from VORZE and the design from Rends at an affordable price

    The A10 Piston BASIC is equipped with all the sophisticated technology that is built into the VORZE A10 Piston SA, the highest quality male sex machine of all time.

    In contrast to the VORZE A10 Piston SA, the Piston BASIC works with a crank system. However, in contrast to earlier models, the high-performance motor enables super-smooth movements! Its compact and light housing is another potential that the makers at Rends are very proud of. The goal was to recreate the lifelike movements as perfectly as possible. Many pushing masturbators are often judged to be too plain and monotonous; This is due to the simple back and forth movements. For this reason, the torque control of the BASIC has been adapted as far as possible. With this system, the Inner Sleeve can move smoothly and unstoppably even at extremely low speed! This creates the deeply pleasurable and very intense pleasure of super soft poking.

    In addition, the A10 Piston BASIC is compatible with all exclusive sleeves for the A10 Piston SA (an exclusive sleeve is also included in the package: "A10 Piston SA Exclusive Sleeve CLOVERβ"). Its super soft and stretchy texture is smooth and odorless on the outside. When used with lubricants, this creates a realistic membrane-like feeling. All sleeves can offer unique and different sensations.



    The BASIC can be recharged via a microUSB cable and is compatible with the STAND BASIC. All buttons and controls are kept simple. The size and weight of the BASIC are about half the size of the original A10 Piston SA. Thanks to the lightweight housing, the BASIC is extremely easy to use.

    With everything anyone could want in an automatic masturbator, this is one of the highest quality machines in this price range. We are excited to release this high quality product and spread the technology to even more people!

    The packaging design is originally created by RENDS.

    Inserting and removing the sleeve:

    1. Remove the front cap. Unlock the inner cover by twisting it counterclockwise and pulling it out. (Picture 4)

    2. Open the inner sleeve housing and insert the inner sleeve so that the six pins each fit into the hole in the sleeve. (Pic 5)

    3. Close the inner cover of the case and put it back into the main unit. Insert the case, then turn it clockwise to lock it into place. (Pic 6)

    4. Attach the front cap. Once on, turn the cap clockwise to lock it in place. (Pic 7)

    Thanks to the combination of crank system and torque control, its thrust movement is super gentle even at low, lifelike speeds. This also helps keep the device quiet and stable.

    The controls are super easy. There are seven speed levels that can be set using the “-” and “+” buttons, and the pause button can be used at any time. The LED lights up white when the device is in standby mode. It takes about 2 hours to fully charge the product. The device can also be operated for a maximum of 120 minutes. The microUSB cable for charging is also included.

    There are two screw holes on the back of the device. These holes make it possible to attach the device to the STAND BASIC so that you can experience hands-free pleasure.



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