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Bubble Meiki

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  • F000543
    • ultra-soft masturbator for long masturbation pleasure
    • 3 layers: thick outer layer, extra soft core, wonderfully adhesive inner structure
    • a whopping 700 grams of flywheel
    • made from our Fudge N³® material (non-toxic, no-smell, not-sticky)
  •   Nothing is as soft as a Bubble Meiki. Bubble Meiki is the most sensual... more


    Nothing is as soft as a Bubble Meiki.

    Bubble Meiki is the most sensual companion for a long porn evening that you can only wish for!

    This product was created with the idea of offering a man the opportunity to massage himself over a longer period of time to the point of ultimate ecstasy. Its incredibly pleasant softness creates a stimulation that only really comes into its own if you take your time. But then you will be rewarded for a long time. Try it! It is really magical! Because nothing is as soft as a Bubble Meiki!



    The first layer of material is the outer skin. It delimits the wonderfully soft inner core (second layer), which, with its incredible softness, is essential for building up the stimulation.

    The third layer of material inside forms the internal structure. It offers an intense and at the same time gentle stimulation, which allows your pleasure to grow slowly and steadily over a longer period of time. Bubble Meiki is the perfect masturbator if you want to take time for yourself.


    The shapely body is classic. Flawless, lush, a sight that invites you to dream - this is Bubble Meiki. It weighs a whopping 700 grams and is 19 cm long in total.



    There are really very few onaholes that offer the softness and stability of the Bubble Meiki. Due to the strong outer layer, the onahole is much more stable than other comparable products from the soft series.

    The inner structure will nestle around your penis as soft as butter. A vacuum effect can also be created with the Bubble Meiki. To do this, simply press the air out while penetrating. Find out how Bubble Meiki can create the best masturbation experience for you. Every angle can change something in the pleasure experience! All you have to give the Bubble Meiki is time: then you will be rewarded like rarely! Have fun!




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    Customer evaluation for "Bubble Meiki"
    10 Aug 2017

    Fünf Sterne mit Einschränkung:
    Größe gut, wirklich mal genug Platz nach vorne.
    Eingang für ein extra weiches Onahole etwas stramm.
    Innenstruktur gut, aber etwas \"synthetisch\".
    Im Vergleich ist die Meiki no Shoumei 6 weicher, innen fleischiger und realistischer. Dafür erscheint mir diese Meiki haltbarer als die No Shoumei 6, deren Innenstruktur sich irgendwann teilweise ablöst.
    Geruch unaufdringlich, Material setzt außen etwas Öl ab, also nicht auf öl-empfindliche Oberflächen legen.

    Insgesamt vergebe ich 4,5 Sterne, gerundet 5.

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