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Julia Plus

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  • F000420
    • large soft hand masturbator with double-layer material construction
    • organic inner structure with great friction effect for strong stimulation
    • closed end causes great vacuum feeling during masturbation
    • easy cleaning and good grip for perfect handling
  • Julia Plus is one of the first masturbators in a new series. In cooperation with the Moodyz... more

    Julia Plus is one of the first masturbators in a new series. In cooperation with the Moodyz label, ExE has released this new idol masturbator that mirrors the body shape of the porn actress Julia. Just like the Meikis in the Shoumei series, Julia Plus is also a multi-layered onahole. With great attention to detail, this masturbator was shaped in such a way that it depicts the flawless body of Julia herself. You can even play with the breasts and nipples. No detail is missing! The big labia help with penetration! This masturbator is one of the softer ones. If you know the Meiki no Shoumei series, you will know roughly how soft it feels. We think that the Julia Plus material is even a bit smoother than that of the famous Shoumei Meikis. The entrance area of ​​Julia Plus shows what is waiting for you. This double-layer masturbator offers a tight, organic internal structure with countless drinking bowls and fleshy walls. Due to the bottleneck at the entrance area, filled-in lubricant does not escape so easily and stays where it is needed. The cross-section shows how tight Julia's pussy is. The slight S-curve also provides that certain extra stimulation. In order to simulate the best possible feeling of reality, the manufacturer opted for the proven zero-diameter structure. Another cool property is the material used for the internal structure. It's slightly sticky, which adds that extra bit of reality. In combination with the organic, fleshy inner structure, an unbelievable, realistic feeling is created.

    Julia Plus is a really stunning toy from Japan. You can't go wrong with this onahole! Immerse yourself in this masterpiece now! Julia Plus is almost 18 cm long and about 75 mm in diameter. With a total weight of almost 700 grams, it is one of the heaviest hand masturbators we know. A free lubricant sample is included in the scope of delivery.


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