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G-Project Kuu-Doll 3

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  • G000110
    • sitting doll with open legs (M-shape)
    • optimal handling due to the smooth surface
    • made from eco-friendly "Smooth Skin Material" PVC
    • suitable for a variety of masturbators
    • opening: 14.5 cm long and 7 cm wide
    • packaging illustration of "Tsukako" with a cute, embarrassed expression on her face
  •     M-shaped air doll from G-Project's popular Kuu-Doll series  ... more



    M-shaped air doll from G-Project's popular Kuu-Doll series


    "Hey, what kind of braces are you going to wear today?" That, or something similar, could be the first sentence when you hold the cute full-size Kuu-Doll 3 in your hands and look at the beautifully designed packaging. A charming face, innocent looking eyes, a slight embarrassed blush on her face like she's just been caught doing something and a small flower in her shoulder length brown hair. The angled and slightly spread legs give a clear view of the lap of this beautiful figure. The doll is in exactly this position when you inflate it. As a result, it has optimal handling and can be used in different positions.

    The "M-Split Legs" pose with erotic atmosphere is perfect for missionary, back and cowgirl positions on the knees. If you dress her up in a costume or fancy lingerie, you can even portray the same scene as on the packaging. Simply pull up the skirt and you have a clear view of the underwear or the masturbator.

    The Kuu-Doll is made from environmentally friendly "Smooth Skin Material" PVC and feels pleasantly smooth. No typical vinyl or sticky feel. Putting on lingerie or inserting masturbators is quite easy. For masturbators, however, we recommend only filling the doll about 80% with air, then inserting the masturbator and then inflating the rest. So easy insertion and an optimal fit is no problem.

    The dimensions of the doll are 70cm in length, 51cm in width and 88cm in height. Please note, however, that these dimensions may vary slightly depending on the air volume. The breasts also vary depending on the amount of air. Don't squeeze the nipples too hard, though, or they'll be crushed. If this is the case, don't worry, simply rub the chest piece from left and right and push it out. The opening for the onahole is 14.5cm long and 7cm wide, which is the largest diameter in the industry and can accommodate masturbators of different sizes. You can also regulate the amount of air and, if the size is right, insert your favorite masturbator regardless of the manufacturer.

    The air inlet is located on the back and is well hidden and not visible when wearing clothes. We recommend putting on the clothes when the air is about 70%, as the doll is then still quite flexible to move arms or legs but still offers enough stability and support. (An air pump is not included.)

    The packaging design, the drawing and the manga character are really impressive and definitely add a certain charm to the whole thing. The artist behind this product is none other than comic artist and illustrator "Tsukako" from Japan. He is active in various fields such as B. Wanimagazine's single "Hatsukoi Party", Fantasia Bunko's "My and Her Moeyo Pen" illustration and picture illustration for the 9th Dragon Emperor's Cup. You can get a glimpse of his work by clicking on the links below.

    Website: http://www.kurimomo.com/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/tsukako?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw
    Pixiv: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/16026

    The popular air doll series KUU-DOLL is constantly evolving. With the Kuu-Doll 3, G-Project has developed a chic "M-Split Legs" pose that is perfect for a variety of different positions. Easy to wear and optimal handling for every occasion.


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