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Meiki No Hinkaku: Shitatsuki

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  • F000159
    • high quality hand masturbator with realistic internal structures
    • in Japan the Meiki no Shoumei series is totally cult!
    • comes in a beautiful and practical wooden box
    • special lubricant included in delivery
  • Meiki no Hinkaku Shitatsuki (replica of the genitals of a younger woman with a slightly... more

    Meiki no Hinkaku Shitatsuki (replica of the genitals of a younger woman with a slightly narrower vagina) is one of the best onaholes in the world. Manufacturing requires a lot of skill. No machine in the world could produce this masterpiece. The love walk of this onahole is the result of a long study by Japanese researchers. Even doctors at a women's clinic were involved in the development. The implementation is so perfect that you will hardly notice the difference to a real vagina. This is underlined not least by the perfect material. The scale was also implemented perfectly. This onahole is of such high quality that it comes in a beautiful wooden box. You will certainly enjoy this article for a long time! Total length: 16cm, maximum width: 8cm, weight: 640 grams.

    Shitatsuki model: The inner design of this onahole is curved downwards and therefore narrower than the Uetsuki model, which creates an even more intimate feeling for the penis. With its flatter insert, the rich and complex design details of the vagina are greatly intensified.

    The optimal application temperature is between 35 and 36 ° C, which is close to human skin. Preparation should be done at room temperature. Pour in the lotion right before use, knead the main body lightly so that the lotion can spread all over the inside. By rotating the main body while playing, you can enjoy a feeling that is just as beautiful as changing position in real traffic. Wash the product thoroughly after use. Let it dry and protect it from high temperatures and moisture; keep it in a clean place.



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