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Naked Factory Cup Sleeve Series A-0.1

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  • F000782
    • simple but chic design that resembles a drinking cup
    • true to the original and with great attention to detail
    • narrow anal entrance for a particularly intense feeling
    • pleasure tunnel also kept narrow by strong projections
    • high quality from South Korea
    • dimensions: 84x84x148mm
    • weight: 490g
  • Discover and experience the exciting cup sleeve series from the brand manufacturer Naked... more


    Discover and experience the exciting cup sleeve series from the brand manufacturer Naked Factory from South Korea

    The Cup Sleeve series from the popular manufacturer Naked Factory is available in a total of eight different designs. Four variants with an anal love tunnel and another four variants with a vaginal pleasure tunnel. We are starting our European premiere with three models, of which there is an anal model and two vaginal models. We will then present the remaining five versions in spring 2024.

    All sleeves were designed true to the original and with great attention to detail. The highlight of this series is that they visually resemble a drinking cup in which they are placed. Here the term “Caution Hot” takes on a whole new meaning. The material is pleasantly soft and of high quality. Just like you’re used to from Naked Factory.

    The attention to detail is particularly distinctive in this Cup Sleeve series. Naked Factory sets new standards and meets the highest demands in quality and design. The outer area of the anal tunnel has been recreated in great detail. As with the real backside experience, the entrance is kept very narrow and the stimulus when penetrating the glans and shaft is particularly intense. To make penetration a little easier, we recommend using a sufficient amount of lubricant. However, the feeling remains very intense because the onahole is held in the cup and therefore does not have much scope for expansion. A feeling like you're having real anal fun.  


    The first area after penetration remains narrow and waits just behind the entrance with a pronounced projection that creates intense pressure on the glans and the penile frenum behind it. A true emotional experience. Especially if you penetrate slowly and gently. The pleasure tunnel was designed in 3D optics and equipped with a lot of details. Countless numbers of different knobs, slats and projections extend all the way to the back, where another extremely pronounced projection awaits your glans. Here you automatically bump into it and feel a very intense stimulus. Things get really tight behind there. Use the remaining centimeters for a real explosion of feelings when you feel yourself coming to orgasm.

    Product : TPR (TPE)
    Cup and Lid : PET
    Case : PP
    Dimenstion : 95*95*170mm
    Insertion length : 12cm (+/-1)


    Before using for the first time

    Please wash the product once with water after opening before using it for the first time. With regular use and regular washing, we recommend using Onahole Puder, to prevent the material from sticking.

    You can simply rinse the toy with warm water to clean it. We recommend using a mild, pH-neutral soap for washing. If dirt remains inside, it can lead to mold and germs. A cleaning brush can be used to optimally remove all impurities. In this way you make sure that you really don't have any residues left in the internal structure.

    Use hot water of 50 degrees or less to heat this product and warm it up. If you warm it in boiling water, cracks may appear. Please note that this applies to all products. We therefore recommend the Hole Warmer from Rends for optimal warming. This heats the onaholes to 37 degrees in just 10 minutes.

    Use of lube
    Please only use water-based lubricant. We recommend the Peace's Lotion, for example. Most gels are water-based, but some are oil-based or silicone-based. Using such an oil-based lotion may cause deterioration or damage to the masturbator.

    Storage information
    Ultraviolet rays cause the elastomer (material name of Onahoru) to deteriorate. Avoid direct sunlight when storing and store the toy in a cool and dark place.

    About the life of the Onahoru
    With regular use, the surface inside the masturbator will gradually wear away a little. This gives the surface a moderately rough texture and arouses complex stimuli. Your toy is not broken because of it. You can use it many more times without any problems and experience unimagined orgasms.

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