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SPIDER Desiree Hansen

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This product will be released at 31 July 2024 - preorder now!

  • F000888
    • Premium masturbator based on the model of Desiree Hansen (including poster & lube)
    • discreet appearance thanks to 2 cover caps
    • the suction cup system allows completely hands-free masturbation
    • the adjustable angle of inclination allows the simulation of numerous positions
    • double-layer material construction
    • Outer cover available in a noble look
  • Available from summer 2024! Pre-order now and be one of the first!   SPIDER... more


    Available from summer 2024! Pre-order now and be one of the first!


    SPIDER has reinvented the art of crafting innovative masturbators, proving that these products can indeed become fantastic lifestyle accessories.

    The birth of SPIDER is the realization of a bold dream, founded with a clear vision. Our aim was to create a shower masturbator that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing – an accessory you wouldn't want to hide. SPIDER adds that special touch to your bathroom. Its appealing and modern design makes SPIDER an extravagant addition to your space.

    Incorporate SPIDER into your morning shower routine not only to boost your fitness but also as an effective way to prevent premature ejaculations. SPIDER was designed as a loyal companion for the modern man striving for sexual balance.

    SPIDER sets a new standard in the design of contemporary lifestyle masturbators. With its attractive and discreet appearance, seamlessly fitting into any modern household, SPIDER has already convinced thousands of men.

    Check out our latest sensation – SPIDER Desiree Hansen, our sizzling third SPIDER Girl! The ultra-realistic impressions both outside and inside this charming yet sweet and cheeky girl-next-door have already left many tough guys impressed. All the perks of our dual-layer construction are, of course, featured in Desiree's SPIDER as well. Discover for yourself how your prized possession feels in her embrace – an absolute must-try!

    Desiree Hansen, better known as Miss Sugar, was born in Krefeld and spends most of the year in Mallorca, where she performs as a booked singer at Oberbayern. In addition to her role as a singer, she is also a content creator, reality TV personality, and erotic model. Miss Sugar gained recognition through various TV appearances, with her major breakthrough occurring on the TV show "Stranger Sins." Her relaxed demeanor on camera and unique personality have made her a popular figure in the entertainment world. With her talent and charisma, she has captivated the audience, securing a firm place in television. "Stranger Sins" was a significant milestone in her career, paving the way for exciting projects.

    Musical Journey:
    As Miss Sugar, she achieved one million views on YouTube with her first song, "Viral", before reaching a broader audience with her second song, "Cinderella". After further productions by various producers, Oberbayern in Mallorca took notice of Miss Sugar. Since April 2023, Miss Sugar has been regularly performing on the renowned stage at Oberbayern in Mallorca, delighting her fans with her performances.

    TV Formats:
    Desiree has been a presence on TV since 2017, building an impressive career in the entertainment industry. She started with appearances on the daily soaps "Alles was zählt" and "Unter uns". Later, she appeared in the series "Falkenberg - Mord im Internat" and the reality TV series "Köln 50667". In 2021, Desiree showcased her entertainer talent in the popular TV show "Hilfe, die Camper kommen". Another highlight in her career was in 2023 when she participated with her husband in "Mein Mann kann". In early 2023, Desiree worked with RTL on the new format "Stranger Sins", which aired on RTL Plus in the summer of 2023 – marking her breakthrough in reality TV. But that wasn't all for her in 2023 – she also contributed her creative input to the production of an exclusive VIP daily format for RTL2. Truly an exclusive experience, as this format is reserved for VIPs! It involves jet-setting around the world, and Desiree was right in the middle of it.

    Erotic Model:
    Miss Sugar is a captivating erotic model. On platforms like Bestfans, Only Fans & Maloum, she presents high-quality and appealing erotic content. Despite her seductive portrayals, Miss Sugar remains authentic, revealing her true character. With her openness and authenticity, she has become a promising personality in the erotic industry and was featured at the Venus Fair in 2023. The Venus Fair is one of the most renowned erotic fairs globally, and it was a special event to be a part of. Miss Sugar met her fans there, providing them with the opportunity to get to know her work. With her professional approach and friendly demeanor, she gained a loyal fan base and has since become a prominent figure in the erotic industry.

    Miss Sugar is actively involved in social projects, especially those supporting children. In addition to organizing fundraisers and charity events, she regularly engages in bodybuilding as a crucial balance to her professional activities. This physical activity, combined with a healthy diet, provides her with the necessary energy for her work.


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