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Fuwaguchu VDD Vagina Deep Diver

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  • F000632
    • "Vagina Deep Diver" (V.D.D. Onahole is the soft version of the torso-like masturbator)
    • extremely soft and fluffy feeling when penetrated
    • Weight: 700g
    • 12ml sachet of Virgin Lotion included
  •   Immerse yourself in a deep and at the same time gentle pleasure. The " V... more



    Immerse yourself in a deep and at the same time gentle pleasure. The "Vagina Deep Diver" onahole is the soft version of the torso-like masturbator.

    The softness of this onahole is simply overwhelming and gives you a gentle and at the same time intense feeling of security when penetrating.

    The Vagina Deep Diver Soft Edition by Ride Japan is the successor to the bestseller Kaikan Vagina Deep Diver Onahole and offers you another chance to dive deep and hard into a Japanese pussy.

    Unusually for a non-hip or buttock type onahole, it is strong and sturdy enough to be placed on a counter or surface.




    With this onaho you can relax and feel the orgasm rolling towards you like a gentle wave.

    The onahole can be easily rinsed with clear water for cleaning. To ensure a long shelf life, we do not recommend turning the masturbator completely inside out, as it could tear.

    To dry it is a good idea to put the torso on an onafukin. So it stays free of lint for a long time.

    Dive in and experience a fluffiness that has never been seen before!




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