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R-1 Feel Mont Blanc

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  • A000156b
    • Accessories for the R-1 starter set
    • absolutely unique clitoral vibrator
    • combines vibratory movement and rotational movement
    • the protruding knobs gently caress the clitoris
    • ideal as a partner toy
  • R-1 Feel Mont Blanc Description. The Feel Mont Blanc is the result of the search for... more

    R-1 Feel Mont Blanc Description.

    The Feel Mont Blanc is the result of the search for the best clitoral vibrator we could create.

    If you look at how clitoral vibrators currently available on the market, such as a vibrating egg (called a rotor in Japan) or bullet, you will quickly learn that the majority of women help by turning the wrist into a process of masturbation . Rends would never have thought that a sex toy for women could be created that would combine rotational movements and vibration. But finally after a long development period the Feel Mont Blanc was born! Its protruding knobs gently surround the clitoris and simultaneously stimulate with vibration and innovative rotational movements. This technology is so far unique! The Feel Mont Blanc really provides an incredibly unique sensation of pleasure. Rends has long carried out studies with the Feel Mont Blanc. You have come to the conclusion that there is no woman who does not reach the climax with the Feel Mont Blanc.

    The Feel Mont Blanc is particularly fun with a partner. But it is also perfect for pleasurable hours alone. The Feel Mont Blanc becomes an indispensable partner for the clitoris. There is simply nothing like it! Total length: 130 mm, moving part: 75 mm, max. Diameter: 32 mm, weight: 115 g

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