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Kuru-Kuru 11

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  • F000717
    • 11 intensively stimulating spiral folds bring you to the climax
    • extremely soft and velvety vaginal canal
    • nestles tight and velvety around the penis
    • Vagina gently stimulates through different areas
    • including lubricant and bag
    • made in Japan
  • Masturbator with intense stimulation and the desire to ejaculate The name of the... more


    Masturbator with intense stimulation and the desire to ejaculate

    The name of the Kuru-Kuru 11 comes from the 11 spiral folds inside the love tunnel, which wrap around your erect penis and increase the desire to ejaculate from thrust to thrust. Due to the arrangement of the thick folds, which run slightly wavy through the interior, you experience an intense yet pleasant feeling when penetrating. To increase the excitement a little, you can turn the toy slightly and move it back and forth during use, thus ensuring maximum stimulation with a weight of approx. 560g.

    The new material used in Kuru-Kuru 11, "GROW UP SKIN", is a highly stretchy material that feels like human skin and grows with use. Manufactured in Japan with safe local materials and local production, since it touches the skin directly, you can use this onahole with confidence.

    As you are used to from G-Project, this masturbator comes with a small sachez of water-based lubricant and a high-quality storage bag.

    The design of the packaging, the drawing and the manga character are made by the famous CloBA from Taiwan. If you want to see more of this artist, just click on the following link. There you can admire many more great drawings: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/3504226


    In addition, you can also create a kind of blowjob effect. Simply squeeze the air out of the toy with one hand before penetrating. This creates a kind of vacuum inside and can increase the pleasure even more through the resulting suction. Do you want an even more realistic feeling? Then simply warm the onahole with our onahole warmer or put it in a water bath for a few minutes. This way you get an optimal temperature of about 37 degrees.

    Onahole size: 170×75×75mm
    Packing size: 175×120×80mm
    Weight: 560g


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