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Puni Virgin 3200

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  • F000652
    • A super cool and large 2-hole onahole with a weight of 3200g
    • extremely soft and fluffy vaginal canal
    • narrow and therefore more intense anal canal
    • Vagina gently stimulates through different areas while anal is extremely tight and napped
    • including lubricant and cleaning brush
  • We are proud to introduce: PUNI VIRGIN 3200 The heaviest model in the series and at the... more


    We are proud to introduce: PUNI VIRGIN 3200 The heaviest model in the series and at the same time a true masterpiece!


    The material of the PUNI VIRGIN is incredibly soft and soft. You can almost say that it feels extremely fluffy and realistic. A real pleasure to touch. Due to its nature, this onahole also takes on temperature quickly. Either warmed up in a warm water bath or with our Onahole Warmer, which heats the toy to exactly 37 degrees.


    Like the other onaholes from the G-Project's series, the PUNI VIRGIN 3200 also has a very expansive and lush design. Due to its weight, it can be placed perfectly on many surfaces without it sliding off. So the feeling of entering a real pussy is even more intense. You can also stroke or knead her sweet, implied buttocks with both hands. Placed on your lap, it gives you an extra kick, as you have the opportunity to penetrate even deeper and push harder and at the same time bob up and down. Your hard cock will love to push the plump labia aside and penetrate it with the glans. Play with it a little. Only penetrate slightly and feel the texture of the front love tunnel or penetrate very deeply and enjoy it when the onahole surrounds your cock and pampers you completely. We also recommend using a large amount of lubricant. Please only use water-based lubricants.

    Love tunnel

    Warmed up by warm water or the Onahole Warmer you have an incredibly intense and realistic feeling when you penetrate the masturbator. You have the choice between a vaginal or an anal entrance. The decision is yours. The two tunnels are each about 16cm long and ready to take in your cock. Even if you are a little better equipped, you don't have to worry that it is too tight. The super soft material makes the PUNI VIRGIN extremely elastic and adapts to any penis size.
    The vaginal tunnel consists of different areas. Right behind the thick labia you have the first area, which is equipped with a kind of transverse grooves and tightly enclosing your penis. This also prevents the lubricant from leaking out again. In the second area you will find raised knobs, which enable intense but gentle stimulation. You will love this zone. In the third area, which is a bit narrower than the other two, there are longitudinal grooves that give your sensitive glans an incredibly awesome feeling. The last part of this area is similar to the uterus and massages and plays around your glans until you reach the climax and discharge your semen.

    As in real life, the anal tunnel is narrower than the vaginal tunnel. It consists of countless knobs that run along the love tunnel and is arranged in a curve. This allows you to create a certain amount of pressure at different points in order to experience even more intense stimulation. Due to the soft nature of the material, the knobs move with it when entering and exiting, creating a lifelike feeling. Like the vaginal tunnel, the anal tunnel becomes narrower towards the back.



    scope of delivery

    The PUNI VIRGIN box also contains a special lubricant for the product. It enables you to start playing immediately after you have received your order. A cleaning stick with a sponge is also included at the end for subsequent care and cleaning. This ensures that you can easily clean your toy after use. After cleaning, we recommend letting the onahole dry before you put it back in the blister pack to avoid moisture damage if it is not used for a long time. It is best to dry it off with our Onafukin. This cloth has been specially developed for onaholes and does not leave any fluff on the material. The blister packaging also ensures that your favorite toy does not deform during long periods of storage.


    Width: 200mm
    Height: 140mm
    Length: 225mm
    The two tunnels are about 160mm long
    Weight: 3200g
    Material: soft ■■■ □□ hard



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