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  • F000649
    • soft and fluffy onahole
    • enables a gentle and at the same time intense stimulation
    • perfect travel companion as it weighs only 400g
    • Includes storage bag and water-based lubricant
    • Anime girl design designed by Sumeragi Amber
  • NIKUMAN Raw, a fluffy soft anime girl onahole from G-Project! The box is... more


    NIKUMAN Raw, a fluffy soft anime girl onahole from G-Project!


    The box is adorned with a loving anime design, which was designed by Sumeragi Amber.
    The onahole itself feels incredibly soft and fluffy and invites you to touch it, knead it or slide your cock into it.
    Material and quality meet the highest standards and have a long shelf life. Everyone who knows the G-Project brand knows that only the highest demands are really good enough.
    The in-house momochi material from which the onahole is made is almost odorless, does not oily and impresses with its incredible softness. Nevertheless, it lies comfortably in the hands, has enough grip and, thanks to its weight of 400g, is your perfect companion even when traveling.


    A large entrance and a beautifully shaped pussy with thick labia reveal the external design of this onahole. The inner labia are not visible at first glance because they are covered by the outer labia. This feature also makes it easier for you to penetrate your penis. Due to the soft Momochi material, you experience a much more delicate and therefore more intense stimulation than with a harder material. The Niku-Man Raw offers you an incredible number of possibilities to try out.


    The inside of this masturbator consists of a large number of irregularly arranged projections that move back and forth with every push. These special irregularities give you additional stimulation, especially on your sensitive glans. Here, too, we recommend an ample amount of water-based lubricant for use.
    In addition, you can also create a kind of blowjob effect. Simply squeeze the air out of the toy with one hand before penetrating. This creates a kind of vacuum inside and can increase the pleasure even more through the resulting suction. Do you want an even more realistic feeling? Then simply warm the onahole with our onahole warmer or put it in a water bath for a few minutes. This way you get an optimal temperature of about 37 degrees.

    Comparable with the NIKU-MAN Raw masturbator are the Puni Virgin 3200, the Niku-Man 2200 and the Niku-Man Delta that have appeared in this series so far. The first two are the heaviest toys in this series. With a weight of 3.2kg and 2.2kg, they already bring a lot of weight on the scales. Both have not only a vaginal entrance, but also an anal entrance. The Niku-Man Delta Onahole is a little heavier than the Niku-Man Raw at 600g and has a very unusual design. The outer labia can be opened on 3 sides.


    Weight: 400g
    Length: 140mm
    Width: 85mm
    Height: 68mm
    Tunnel length: 100mm

    The scope of delivery also includes a special water-based lubricant gel and a storage bag.



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