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L'Embellir Anal Series

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  • E000080a
    • classic anal plug made of skin-friendly silicone
    • pliable and silky soft, can be inserted particularly gently
    • available in different sizes (S-XL) and as a double pearl variant
    • Double Pearl can be used as a training toy for your pelvic floor and vaginal muscles
  •   The Embellir is a classic anal plug that should not be missing in any toy... more


    The Embellir is a classic anal plug that should not be missing in any toy collection. Not even in yours. Made of soft silicone, the Embellir is not only pliable and elegant and flattering in the hand, but can also be inserted particularly gently and easily. His wide foot prevents complete penetration and you can indulge in your lust completely relaxed. Your new favorite toy is available from a flattering size S to an impressive size XL. So you get your money's worth as a beginner as well as an experienced fan of anal games. The double-pearl variant promises you a very special treat. After the insertion, there is an increase waiting for you for the extra kick, after which you will see yourself. You can also use this variant as a training toy for your pelvic floor and vaginal muscles. Extra tip: The Embellir is seamlessly made of waterproof, skin-friendly silicone and can accompany you into the bathtub or shower. The integrated ring allows you to attach all kinds of jewelry to make your next adventure particularly tasty and aesthetically pleasing to the eye of the person you are talking to.

    S: 27.5mm x 96.5mm
    M: 35mm x 115mm
    L: 45mm x 135.5mm
    XL: 58mm x 147mm
    Double Pearl: 26mm x 125mm

    Please only use water-based gel with your Embellir and no silicone-based lubricant, as this can attack the surface of your toy.

    You should clean your Embellir with soap and water after each use. In between you can also use a special toy cleaner to give your toys an extra long life.

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