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  • B000076
    • unique next generation nipple toy
    • has 2 silicone cups that enable simultaneous stimulation of both breasts
    • 7 speed levels and 5 different variations of rotary movements
    • a total of 70 different patterns can be set
    • Motors can be controlled independently of one another
  •   The extremely popular nipple toy U.F.O. and the U.F.O. the next generation U.F.O. SA,... more

    The extremely popular nipple toy U.F.O. and the U.F.O. the next generation U.F.O. SA, which became part of the VORZE series, was thankfully very much loved by many nipple play lovers (also known as nipple lovers) around the world.

    Although the successor model U.F.O. SA there, the Basic is still very popular today. The reason for this is that we just wanted to leave a more budget-friendly version in the program.

    The U.F.O. BASIC plays with your nipples in a very intense way. You will be literally flattered with his kind of "tongue".

    Based on the U.F.O., the silicone cups of the SA model, which were developed for both breasts, have been optimized and improved several times. Above all, the mechanisms were gradually refined. This has successfully optimized costs and kept the price stable by redesigning the entire frame without replacing the beloved main elements.

    The original wired controller is attached to the product. With 7 speed levels and 5 different variations of rotary movements, 35 unique movements can be selected. Plus, you can always switch the tongue-shaped accessory between the larger and the smaller, so you can create a total of 70 different patterns for your best pleasure.

    Plus, the U.F.O. BASIC even has the movement pattern that is not in the U.F.O. SA model - in which the left and right gears rotate in different directions, bringing you the satisfaction you would never get bored.

    The thick and delicate tongue-like touch is exciting, as if you were being excited by two partners. Let the pleasure that comes close to that of a threesome and yet never ends enrich your nipple play!



    The moderately thick cups are made of silicone. When you press them against you to release the air they have sucked in, the cups will attach to the breasts.



    Two types of tongue-shaped attachments are included, large and small. The realistically soft and smooth texture has been retained from the original model.



    Built-in magnets make it easy to attach / detach. The diameter of the fastening parts corresponds to that of the previous model.



    The movement patterns change in rotation by pressing the up and down buttons. The LED in the middle of the controller indicates the movement pattern that is in operation.




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