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Onahole Care Set

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  • S000108
    • 4 in 1 care set for masturbators and onaholes
    • USB warmer for a realistic feel
    • sponge sticks for thorough cleaning
    • dry Stick to absorb moisture
    • care powder with silver ions against bacteria
    • our recommendation for a longer durability of your masturbators
    • brand quality from A-One
  •     A collection of 4 "sacred treasures"! A care set that supports a... more



    A collection of 4 "sacred treasures"! A care set that supports a comfortable masturbation life


    Discover the 4-piece set from A-One that is indispensable for the maintenance of your masturbator. You no longer have to worry about safety and can enjoy masturbation comfortably and safely. We recommend buying this set with your masturbator so you can ensure consistent care right from the start.

    USB warmer: The heating rod is inserted into the masturbator and heats the love tunnel to a comfortable temperature (duration about 5 minutes). The feeling of human skin comes very close when masturbating. The USB warmer also has a heating control function. When the optimum temperature is reached, it switches off automatically. However, please avoid leaving the heating element switched on in the masturbator for a longer period of time.

    Cleaning stick: With this stick you can not only care for your masturbator, but also thoroughly clean it. With the sponge at the tip, you can thoroughly remove even fine dirt left inside when washing after use.

    DRY Stick: After washing, even if you have drained the water, there is still some residual moisture left in the masturbator. The “DRY Stick” can absorb this quickly and thus prevent mold from forming. It absorbs moisture and is also useful for preventing moisture.

    Preservative powder: You should use this powder from time to time after cleaning your masturbator to prevent the sensitive surface from sticking to a certain extent. The main component are silver ions which have an antibacterial and deodorizing effect, make the surface pleasantly smooth and extend the life of your onahole.

    From enhancing pleasure to helping store your masturbators as a one stop shop. Whether you are a masturbator lover or a beginner, this set should not be missed.



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